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Your institute, organisation or your venture is located in germany but the members or employees are international and your working language is english?

Ulrike Völger offers seminars and individual trainings for you in english concerning following matters:

Many people have high professional competences but cannot successfully convey them.
In a one-on-one conversation it is possible for most people to develop an idea in a free and lively manner and speak it out loud.
However, when standing in front of an audience this ability often disappears.
The body becomes tense, voice and its pitch change, breathing becomes rapid and shallow, the connection with the audience is lost.

In an individual training or in seminars with at most 12 participants we try to scale down the discrepancy which often appears between the self-image and the image others have of you.
The training will help you to discover and develop yet unknown potentials you might have in your physical presence, your vocal tone, the range and staying power of your voice, your radiation and persuasive power.

  • empowerment of self-conciousness and awareness of the own features / assets
  • congruence of professional competences, personality and presentation in daily life as well as in public speaking.
  • Improved perception of your own voice and articulation
  • Discovery and development of the existing and often not fully used vocal capacity.
  • To improve the awareness of your body, your stance an therefore your self-confidence and the whole presentation.
  • Higher awareness of your own facial expressions, your gestures .The extension of your personal spectrum.
  • Reflection of gender stereotypes and a better handling of female or male patterns in communication and presentation.

Definitions and exercises on the subjects:

  • posture and self-awareness of the body
  • abdominal breathing and dosage
  • personal pitch range, vocal tone, volume
  • way of speaking, modulation
  • facial expression, gesture
  • stage fright, radiation, spontaneity
  • individual analysis of strengths and potentials
  • practical exercises either with the group or individual
  • theorie
  • feedback of the trainer and the whole group in a protected atmosphere
  • Handout

Extractions of evaluation of the EAF and Max-Planck-Institutes

„…i think the most helpful part was when I got the feedback. I’m more confident now about my appearance …and it made me think about things I can do every day which can help me to interact with other people…very open atmosphere…“

„…I feel I have learned something on all questions/issues I have been wondering about for past 10 years in only a few hours. Would have been great to have more time with her…”

„…it was very lively, practical, physical…Thank you very much, it was very enjoyable and extremely useful and interesting!“

„…every part of this workshop was useful…“

„…information given was not listing things to do/not do, instead more of a holistic body awareness aproach…“

„…very active, made me reflect about myself….Everything was great!!“